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A few words about ALIG

The Luxembourg Association of Gluten Intolerants (ALIG) was founded in October 1997.
In May 2021 it counts about 375 members. Established as a non-profit association, it brings together people with celiac disease (also called gluten intolerance) or dermatitis herpetiformis as well as anyone demonstrating a regular commitment to the fight against these diseases.

The association pursues several goals including the dissemination of information and experiences relating to the disease celiac, particularly those facilitating the implementation of a gluten-free diet. It informs about modern screening and treatment methods and promotes the organization of their application and scientific research. Contacts between celiac patients, at national or international level, are encouraged. The ALIG organizes official relations with the Luxembourg authorities, in order to defend and improve the status of people with celiac disease. The association was recognized as being of public utility by Grand-Ducal decree of 6/06/2003.

ALIG offers its members:

  • Relevant information sent in hard copy or electronically on everything related to celiac disease
  • Information on reimbursement of costs related to celiac disease and dietary consultations
  • Exchanges between patients suffering from the same condition
  • Regular and permanent follow-up for all kinds of questions related to celiac disease
  • Raising awareness among the general public, as well as among all actors in the field of health and catering and production
  • Contacts with foreign associations
  • Activities such as a cooking class, children's outings or a conference
  • a secretariat that can be contacted every working day from 8.00 a.m. to 12.00 p.m.

ALIG asbl is a member ofAOECS (Association Of European Coeliac Societies) since September 2001.

The annual subscription amounts to 25 €.

To become a member, complete the membership form.

Under the link at the top, you find a flyer as a presentation of our association. This flyer is to be distributed and/or shared with the medical profession and your friends.