Who we are

The Luxembourgish Association of Gluten Intolerants (A.L.I.G.) was founded in October 1997. As of May 2014, it has more than 400 members. Incorporated as a non-profit association, it brings together individuals with celiac disease (also called gluten intolerance),  Dermatitis Herpetiformis and any person showing interest and commitment to the fight against these diseases.

The main goal of the A.L.I.G. is the dissemination of information and the sharing of experiences to facilitate the implementation of a gluten-free diet for people with celiac disease. 

The A.L.I.G. offers its members:

  • an office, with opening hours every day from 8 AM till 12AM
  • contacts between patients with the same condition; 
  • a list of supermarkets, dietetic and health stores offering gluten-free products; 
  • a list of bakers producing gluten-free pastries and breads; 
  • a Luxembourgish products Guide, updated every 2 years; 
  • contacts with foreign celiac associations; 
  • an annual information day;
  • a weekend away for children; 
  • cooking classes;
  • a working group which organizes training for interested restaurants, as well as a list of restaurants familiar with the disease and restaurants offering gluten-free meals; 
  • information on the reimbursement of costs associated with celiac disease; 

Site visits of disease related places abroad.

A.L.I.G. is a member of the AOECS (Association Of European Coeliac Societies) since September 2001. 

The annual membership fee amounts to €25. 

To become a member, fill out the membership form.