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Tout le monde peut y participer, parlez de vos expériences personnelles en lien avec votre alimentation sans gluten.

Since many years AOECS members recognise 16th May as International Coeliac Day. In Europe, the Association of European Coeliac Societies (AOECS) wants to pay tribute to all women who

  • being coeliac themselves – girls and women are twice as many as men diagnosed at any age
  • having a coeliac relative – children or adult family members – as housewives are responsible for caring for the family, following the strict and lifelong gluten-free diet, provide care and support
  • even actively participate as passionate members and volunteers of the coeliac patients support groups and associations locally, national or global level
  • as a committed healthcare professional, as a dietitian who informs, educates, follows from the first moments, just after the proper diagnosis, and supports celiac families in learning and maintain modern, nutritious, and sustainable kitchens at home.

AOECS asks everybody to use #womenandcoeliac and share their gratitude, tips, stories and even everyday challenges as a woman with coeliac disease. Coeliac disease affects 1-2 in 100 genetically predisposed individuals who develop a small intestinal inflammation on exposure to dietary gluten. Naturally, we never forget: coeliac disease is a lifelong chronic condition of all ages, and in Europe the ratio of diagnosed cases does not exceed 1 : 7-8.